KOBE shopper bag

A light and spacioustote bag for everyday use.

A seamless technique: made of a sheet of felt, laser cut and hand- assembled.Idea is to create sustainable products by eliminating the amount of different materials and create a product that is easy to recycle or reuse after the life cycle.

Product all components each are made of a single type of material can be split apart. Easy to recycle or reuse after the life cycle.

Valge KOBE kandekott

Details: The middle opening is fastened with a press stud, the bag has 3 gaps, 2 adjustable vegetable tan leather shoulder straps

Material: PET felt is 100% recyclable material/ polymer fibre, produced mainly of used plastic bottles

Material handling: The stain can be wiped off by lightly rubbing with a damp cloth. It is convenient to use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and other debris.

Colour: white / grey

Strap 100% leather

Measurements: 33cm x 16cm x 33cm

Design: Joonas Riisalu 2021

Valge KOBE kandekott
hallist vildist kandekott
Valge KOBE kandekott
vildist kandekott
vildist kandekott KOBE
hallist vildist kandekottKOBE